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Winter Jam 2007



Welcome To
Winter Jam 2007/2008


    I wanted to share with everyone the pleasure I had being able to go to Winter Jam 2007.
My son's 18th birthday is coming up on wednesday March 21, and thought taking him and my daughter Michelle to Winter Jam would be awesome!

     I'll have to admit, we had a blast! We had a
wonderful day in the theme park of Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia  before enjoying the concert
which started at six in the evening.

    Every year Winter Jam bands get together and form one huge Christian Concert and entertainment
for the whole family to enjoy. This years Winter Jam 2007 included the artists...............

New Song..........Jeremy Camp...........Steven Curtis Chapman..........Hawk Nelson...........Sanctus Real........
Britt Nicole.......Tony Nolan ( Guest Speaker) and John Morgan, the president George W. Bush look alike

    The concert was amazing, with wonderful music, along with the comedy act! During the middle of the
concert guest speaker Tony Nolan gave a brief talk about salvation and then gave an invitation for anyone
who wanted to accept Christ and 277 people gave their lives to the Lord!

    Below I am listing some pictures we took while at Wild Adventures and during the concert. Hope you

Thanks for visiting,
Melinda Tanner



  Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp


Jeremy Camp


Jeremy Camp up close!!


Jeremy Camp put on a great performance!! Way to go Jeremy!

To visit Jeremy Camps website go to:
Visit Jeremy's my space at : 




Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman


Steven Curtis Chapman

To visit the Steven Curtis Chapman website : 
Steven Curtis Chapman my space :  





Hawk Nelson











 Hawk Nelson Singing one of their many songs. Members of their group includes
.......Lead singer Jason Dunn shown above, Daniel Biro ( bass) , Jonathan Steingard
( guitar), Aaron Tosti (drums).


Hawk Nelsons Lead Guitar.....Jonathan Steingard



Jason Dunn from Hawk Nelson signing again!

Visit their website at : 
or their my space at :




Britt Nicole

Here we have Britt Nicole who ran into my daugher Michelle Tanner and was so
kind as to take a few minutes to pose with a picture with Michelle!
Thanks're awesome!

If you'd like to visit Britt Nicole's website please do so at :
Or to visit her my space go to :





George Bush Look Alike

Jonathan with John Morgan ( George Bush impersonator ) He looked and sounded like
the real deal!!







Winter Jam 2008 Jacksonville, FL