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Don't forget that special Teacher in your child's life!

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Teacher Poems


Have you ever had a special teacher and wanted to show them how much
they have meant to you? Well all the poetry on this page is dedicated to
all the wonderful teachers around the world.





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 Mrs. Mary

Now that I have finished first grade
And time I must move on,
I thank God for you and the precious memories
And for the many seeds in me you've sown.
You are the most wonderful teacher
And I wanted you to know,
Just how much you mean to me
And how the love in your heart has shown.
You will always hold a special place
I'll keep forever in my heart,
I know I'll shed a tear or two
When the time comes we must part.
I can't begin to thank you enough
For everything you've done for me,
Teaching with love, kindness and compassion
Everything God expects a teacher to be.
I am going to miss you dearly
In my life you've been a precious part,
Because you Mrs. Mary are an angel to me
Who I'll keep forever inside my heart.

Love, Jason

This poem was written to
Mrs. Mary Varnell
Thank you Mrs. Mary


©Melinda Tanner



You Are A Special Teacher
And I Wanted You To Know
Just What This Year Has Meant To Me
And How Your Love Has Shown
You Went That Extra Mile For Me
When Things Were Getting Tough
For All The Things You Did For Me
I Can't Repay You Near Enough
You'll Hold A Special Place With Me
I'll Keep Deep Inside My Heart
And I Know I'll Shed A Tear Or Two
When The Day Comes We Must Part
I Know That God Will Bless You
For All The Seeds You've Sown
I Can Look Back On This Year With You
And See How Much I've Grown

Will Miss You Greatly ,


© Melinda Tanner



As A Leader, Mentor, And Outstanding Man
You Always Encouraged Me To Give My Best
Because Of You My Life Has Blossomed
And For This I Am Truly Blessed
You've Driven Me To Complete My Tasks
All Of This Is Because Of You
You Are An Outstanding Academic Leader
Which In Number Are Very Few
You Have Encouraged Me And Provided Much Strength
For You I Have Great Respect
I Will Look Back On Our Times Together
And These Memories I Will Reflect
Your Guidance And Support Will Be Greatly Missed
As It's Time To Say Goodbye
But Because Of You My Leader And Mentor
I Will Now Hold My Head Up High

Will Miss You Greatly ,


© Melinda Tanner


It's Been A Great Year With You
But Now It's Time To Go
Before I Leave There Are A Few Things
I'd Like For You To Know
You've Been A Great Teacher
Mentor And Friend
It Saddens My Heart Deepley
But I Know This Year Must End
We Must All Move On Now
For Our New Journey Has Just Began
All The Things You Taught Me
Not A One Was Left Undone
Your Caring Dicipline And Strength
For In Me It Was Poured
In The End I Know The Lord
Will Give You Great Rewards
It's Time That I Go Now
Time We Say Goodbye
Because Of You My Special Teacher
I Will Hold My Head Up High

Thanks For Caring ,
Your Name


© Melinda Tanner


You Have Been The Greatest Teacher
That I Have Ever Known
I Can't Believe How Fast
This Year Has Come And Gone
I Wanted You To Know
How Sad I'm Going To Be
When I Walk Into Homeroom
And Your Face I Will Not See
The Time Now Has Come
But That Don't Mean This Is Goodbye
It's Because Of You My Teacher
I Will Keep My Head Up High

I Will Miss You Greatly!
Love, Your Name


© Melinda Tanner



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