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Sister Poetry / Poems For Sisters

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Sister Poems

Do you have a Sister and would like to let her know just how
much she means to you but don't know what to say ?
Our Sister poetry is here to do that for you. Show your Sister
just how much she means to you. If you don't find the poem you are
looking for, let us know at Melinda's Personalized Poetry and we'll create those special
words of love for you!

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I Wanted You To Know
What A Special Sister You Are To Me
You've Taken Time For Love And Understanding
Just Like Two Sisters
Were Meant To Be
You've Been Like A Precious Angel
Always Having You In My Life
You've Been There To Encourage Me
And Helped Make My Life Shine Bright
I Thank You For Being So Wonderful
And Being My Bright Shining Star
I'm Glad You Are My Sister
And The Wonderful Person That You Are

Together Always,


© Melinda Tanner



What Is A Sister?
A Sister Is Someone We Turn To
When We Have Things To Share
And Also Someone To Lean On
To Make Our Burdens Easier To Bear
A Sister Is Someone We Cherish
And Count On For Everything
She Is Always There for You
So Much Happiness She Will Bring
A Sister Is Always There
When Our Tears Are About To Fall
She Will Use Her Loving Hands
And Wipe Away Them All
A Sister Is A Gift From God
He Placed All Of Us Together
For This My Sisters I Want You To Know
You'll Be In My Heart Forever


© Melinda Tanner


Sisters And Friends Forever
Sometimes God Does Things In Our Lives
We Cannot Understand
He Put You And Me Together As Friends
For This Was A Part Of His Plan
At First I Thought Could This Friend
Be Just Another Fake ?
It Was At That Moment I Realized
God Makes No Mistakes
This Friendship I Know For Sure
Was Made From The Heavens Above
That's How I'm Sure That It
Will Be Filled With Lots Of Love
The Talks We've Had And The Things We've Shared
Have Meant So Much For Me
God Chose To Make Us Sisters And Friends
That's Why We're Meant To Be
I Can Put No Value On A Friendship
Like The One We Share
For Every Time We're Together
We Know That God Is There


© Melinda Tanner


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Melinda's Personalized Poetry & Gifts   
410 Touchton Drive
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