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At Last
At last the time has finally come
You two shall become as one,
It's time you be joined as Man and Wife
As a new journey has just begun.

As you've been dating for twenty years
With dinner and movie on Saturday nights,
We all believe within our hearts
That now the timing is right.

Spending all these years as Sweetie and Peetie
And in summer going out for a toodle,
Getting you two as Mom and Step Dad
We have received the whole caboodle.

Mom, you have chosen the most wonderful man
Jed has been there and his love so true,
He's been there for birthdays, graduations and holidays,
And was there for Gianna's birth too!

We are so happy we can now be a real family
As your love for each other has grown,
Your lonely days are forever over
And your lives with each other become strong.

You both have found your dreams with each other
And a life like you've never known,
Now you can live in heaven on earth
At Last, just like your song!

Congratulations Mom ( Jolene ) & Jed
We Wish You The Best!
Love, Amy, Fred, Gianna & Cassie
April 5th, 2007

©Melinda Tanner






My Brother
I just wanted you to know
What a special Brother you are to me,
Always loving and supportive
Just as a Brother is meant to be.

I appreciate you more
Than you will ever know,
The love in your heart
For me has always shown.

My very first doll
I got was because of you,
You have always been there for me
And been a Brother who is true.

I am proud of your accomplishments
As you've succeeded in all you've done,
I am proud to call you Brother
To Tom and me you've been number one.

I'm sure Tom is waiting in heaven
To be with us once again,
Where we will be together
And an eternity we will spend.

Happy Birthday With Love,
Your sister Mozell

©Melinda Tanner



When we see a butterfly
We know that it is you,
Just stopping by to say "Hello"
And helping us to get through.

How you say, can we be sure
That it is you, our precious one?
What will happen in wintertime
When the butterflies no longer come?

It was then, you left your charm bracelet
But only parts had been left intact,
The butterfly, and two hearts
"I'm still here, Daddy, that's a fact!"

Just stopping by to say "Hello"
Always here to help us through,
Never forget what you mean to us
And how much, "We Love You!"

In Loving Memory Of
Who was born DATE
And received her angel wings

©Melinda Tanner



 A Tribute To "Name"
You Were My Precious NAME
Who Now Lives Inside My Heart
The Bond You And I Shared
Even Death Could Never Part
Still Flowing Through My Mind
Are The Wonderful Memories We Made
I Can Still See Your Beautiful Green Eyes
While Remembering The Way We Used To Play
You Loved Swimming In The Pond And Pool
And Going For Rides In The Jeep
You Even Loved To Snuggle With Me
Till Eventually You'd Fall Asleep
You Went To All My Soccer Games
And Were Loved By Everyone
I Love The Way You Chased The Ball
And How You Used To Run
You And I Were Always Close
Right Up Till The Very End
Not Only Were You My Companion
But Also My Very Best Friend

In Loving Memory Of

© Melinda Tanner



Shirline & Danny
We Thank You Both For The Years You've Been Here
Through All Our Ups And Downs
Through The Good Times And In Bad
And For Making Us Smile Instead Of Frown
We Don't Know Where We'd Be Right Now
If It Had Not Been For You
If We Searched The Whole World Over Again
We'd Not Find Any Friends So True
We Want You To Know We Appreciate You
For Everything You've Done
We Are So Thankful To Have Such Wonderful Friends
And Count Our Many Blessings One By One

We Love And Appreciate You,
Nancy & Hal


I Know You're Now In Heaven
And You're Looking Down On Me
I Can Imagine You There While Fishing
From Up Under A Big Shade Tree
The Angels Are There Surrounding You
As You Make Your Way Around
And Now Upon Your Head
Sits Not A Hat But Now A Crown
I Know You Must Be Celebrating
With Jesus By Your Side
As He Was There To Welcome You
With His Loving Arms So Wide
You Were My Precious Brother
Even Through Death We Will Not Part
For There Is A Special Bond We Shared
Which Will Keep Us Forever In Each Other's Hearts

In Loving Memory Of My Brother
Who Was Born On November 6, 1956
 And Received His Angel Wings December 15, 2001




Making Memories
You've Had A Wonderful Fifty Years Together
Which Were Created From Up Above
The Lord Instilled It In Your Hearts
To Give Each Other Your Love
God Blessed You With Four Beautiful Children
Angie, Denise, Bruce & Amy
But His Blessings Didn't End There
The Grandchildren Completed The Family
The Memories You Have Made Together
Were A Gift From The Lord Above
May You Continue To Show One Another
Your Everlasting Love

Congratulations On Fifty Years Together
Shirley & Dennis Cato
December 20, 2004



Now That You're Retiring
There's Some Things I'd Like To Say
While Reflecting On The Memories
You And I Made Along The Way
We Started Out So Young
As We Became Lifelong Friends
To Each Other We Shared And Confided
We Helped One Another's Hearts To Mend
There's So Much You Have Accomplished
And For This I'm Proud To Say
You Have Succeeded In All You've Done
While Going Along Your Way

Congratulations On Your Retirement
Nona Lewis
February 25th, 2005




I Remember
I Remember Many Years Ago
When I Was Just A Child
I Used To Visit Grandma's House
As She Greeted Me With A Smile
I Can Still See Her Smiling Face
She Was Happy As Can Be
While Working In Her Flowers
Creating A Beautiful Sight To See
She Was Such A Godly Woman
As She Taught Me Right From Wrong
As I Reflect Now Upon My Life
I See She Helped My Faith Grow Strong
Grandma Will Be Greatly Missed
And I'll Think Of Her Each Day
I'll Keep Her In My Heart Forever
This Is Where She'll Stay

In Loving Memory Of
Ruth Hand Mullis
Who Was Born On July 24, 1907
And Went To Be With Jesus On August 10, 2004





You Are Such A Wonderful Husband,
And I Wanted You To Know,
Just How Much You Mean To Me,
And How Much I Love You So.
You Are Dependable,Punctual,
And So Full Of Integrity,
I'm So Happy To Have Become Your Wife,
For All The World To See.
I Thank God For Your Kind And Caring Ways,
And For Making All My Dreams Come True,
Because It Is Every Woman's Dream,
To Have A Husband As
Wonderful As You.

With Love,
December 2004


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