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We Turned And Walked Away

I Could Hear Them As They Wept For Me
While Being Lowered In The Grave
I Could Hear Them As They Said
How Sad He Wasn't Saved
If Only We Had Told Him
About Jesus Christ The Son
But Now It Is Too Late
For It's All Over And Now Is Done
He Will Spend An Eternity
In That Fire Filled Pit Below
How Sad We All Are Here On Earth
And So Much Our Tears Now Flow
If Only We Had Shared With Him
When He Asked About Jesus That Day
He Would Now Be In Heaven
If We Had Not Turned And Walked Away

©Melinda Tanner




I'm Here Very Hot And Alone
In This Dark And Firey Place
With Beads Of Perspiration
As It Forms Upon My Face
I Always Thought I Had Forever
With This Hardened Heart Of Mine
And Never Was In A Hurry
For All I Had Was Time
But Now That I Am Here
For An Eternity It Shall Be
Why Did I Not Ever Believe
That Jesus Loved Even Me
If Only I Had Known Then
The Things That I Know Now
I Could Have Changed My Fate
Not Be In Hell But Wear A Crown

©Melinda Tanner




As I Passed Away And Went To Heaven
I Could Hear Jesus Calling Me
He Said My Child There's So Many Things
I'd Love For You To See
Jesus Took Me By The Hand
And Said Come Take A Walk With Me
And I Will Show You All The Beauty
That's When I Fell Down On My Knees
I Could Hear The Angels As They Sang
Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound
That's When Jesus Looked Down At Me
He Took My Hat And Gave Me A Crown
The Beauty Here In Heaven
Is Much More Than I Had Dreamed
I Am So Thankful I Found Jesus
For I Have Been Redeemed

©Melinda Tanner




If You Died Tomorrow

If You Died Tomorrow
Do You Know Where You Would Be
Would You Be Scorching Hot
Or Live In Heaven For Eternity
Would You Hear The Angels Singing
To Jesus Christ The King
Or Would You Be Listening
To All The Others As They Screamed
Would You Wear A Flowing Robe
And Have A Crown Upon Your Head
Or Would You Be In Hell
And Live In Pain Instead
If You Died Tomorrow
Are You Sure Where You Would Go
Would You Go To Heaven
Or To That Dreadful Place Below

©Melinda Tanner




When we see a butterfly
We know that it is you,
Just stopping by to say "Hello"
And helping us to get through.

How you say, can we be sure
That it is you, our precious one?
What will happen in wintertime
When the butterflies no longer come?

It was then, you left your charm bracelet
But only parts had been left intact,
The butterfly, and two hearts
"I'm still here, Daddy, that's a fact!"

Just stopping by to say "Hello"
Always here to help us through,
Never forget what you mean to us
And how much, "We Love You!"

In Loving Memory Of
Who was born DATE
And received her angel wings

©Melinda Tanner



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