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Pet Memorial Poetry

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Pet Memorial Poems

Do you have a pet who you've lost?  
Would you like to have your pet remembered forever?
Here you will find poetry in memory or your beloved pets.

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You were my precious Tebow
Who now lives on inside my heart,
The bond you and I shared
Even through death it could never part
You'll stay forever on my mind 
And all the memories we ever made,
I can still see my precious Tebow
And the games we used to play.
You had always been my sidekick
Everything about you I'll never forget,
From the moment I first laid eyes on you
I knew you were the best dog yet.
I knew you were mine from the minute we met
You knew me better than anyone could,
To this day I still can't believe you're gone
If I could turn back time I would. 
You were the best cuddler ever 
Sleeping curled next to me under the covers,
To this day I still question God
Why didn't he let you recover. 
The bond we shared was unbreakable
And oh how I loved you so,
I still to this day cannot believe
That from my life you'd so soon have to go.
A part of you knew when I was feeling sad
As you hated to see me cry, 
You were always there to comfort me
As you'd lick the tears that flowed from my eyes.
I'll never forget the 13th of December 
The last day I kissed you and held you tight, 
Had I known you'd had only a few more days
I'd held on to you with all my might.
I'm guessing God had a different plan
But I know I'll see you once again,
I know for sure all dogs go to heaven
Then our new journey there can begin.

 I Love You Tebow, 
July 1st 2010 -December 16th 2018 

A Tribute To "Name"
You Were My Precious NAME
Who Now Lives Inside My Heart
The Bond You And I Shared
Even Death Could Never Part
Still Flowing Through My Mind
Are The Wonderful Memories We Made
I Can Still See Your Beautiful Green Eyes
While Remembering The Way We Used To Play
You Loved Swimming In The Pond And Pool
And Going For Rides In The Jeep
You Even Loved To Snuggle With Me
Till Eventually You'd Fall Asleep
You Went To All My Soccer Games
And Were Loved By Everyone
I Love The Way You Chased The Ball
And How You Used To Run
You And I Were Always Close
Right Up Till The Very End
Not Only Were You My Companion
But Also My Very Best Friend

In Loving Memory Of

© Melinda Tanner



A Tribute To NAME
As I Sit And Stare
At The Empty Place On The Floor
I Realize There You Used To Lay
But Will Not Anymore
You Filled My Life Abundantly
With Your Love From Within
Not Only Were You My Protector
But Also My Best Friend
Everytime I Look And See
That Empty Place Upon The Floor
I'll Be Reminded Of Your Love
That Will Live On Within Me
As A Tribute To You Forever More

In Loving Memory Of




You Were My Precious NAME
Who Now Lives Inside My Heart
It's So Hard For Me To Go On Daily
Now That We're Apart
I Remember How You Used To Lay
So Quietly At My Feet
You Followed Me To Bed At Night
And Watched Over Me As I'd Sleep
When Returning Home From Work
You Greeted Me Happily At The Door
But Now I'm Left With Precious Memories
Which I'll Cherish Forever More

In Loving Memory Of



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