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Pastor Poems
Do you have a pastor that you need to welcome
into your church, or one that is leaving and you
need a way of letting him know how much he was
appreciated through the years? Our pastor poetry
may help with that. Browse through our pastor poetry
and pick out the right poem for your pastor.

If you don't find what you're looking for, give me your
thoughts and feelings and we'll write a poem just for you.

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Rev & Mrs. NAME HERE

I have searched the world over
For the perfect words to say,
But they would fill a whole book
And I'd be reading to you all day.

I just wanted you to know
How special you are to me,
If you wasn't in my life right now
I don't know where I'd be.

You two are very unique
Always acting as one,
Anything you set your mind to
You Always get the job done.

Always having an unconditional love
Willing to go that extra mile,
Giving comfort to hurting hearts
And always wearing your precious smile.

You are always seeking God every morning
And praising him all day long,
I am so thankful to have you in our church
Right where you belong.

Always willing to change your plans
When someone needs to talk,
Not only do you talk the talk
But set an example by walking the walk.

You lend a shoulder to cry on
A strong arm to lean on too,
I am so thankful in every way
That you are here to see me through.

Showing and living the life of God
Spending long restless nights at someone's bed
Giving dedication to the word of God
And not one word is left unsaid.

Never letting us give up on ourselves
I am directed to God because of you,
Pointing me in the right direction
Showing me what God can do.

God is the answer, yesterday, today and always
And we thank you for all that you do,
This is in dedication to you, NAMES
To show our love and appreciation for you!

We love you!
Your Name Here (or church name if desired)



©Melinda Tanner

NOTE: Due to the length of this poem, it can only
be printed on specialty paper. Thank you!


I have searched for the words
I wanted you to know,
They would fill a whole book,
And show how true love is shown.
I am here to pay tribute,
To the sweetest man I know,
Being more than just a pastor,
So much outward love you do show.
You are the most wonderful man,
One in whom I can confide,
And anytime you are needed,
You'll be right by my side.
You're never one to judge,
Being just like one of us,
I'm so thankful to have you,
As a pastor I can truly trust.
I just hope that you know,
How much you mean to me,
Helping to be my eyes,
With the things I can not see.
Thank you so much pastor,
For all that you do,
And anything you ever need,
Know I'll be there for you!

We Love You!
Your Name


© Melinda Tanner



Our Father Sent You Here
To Lead Us Day By Day
We're So Thankful To Have You
As We Go Along Our Way
No Matter What Things We Need
You Go That Extra Mile
We Hear Your Soft Spoken Words
And Are Greeted With A Smile
We Thank You Both For All You Do
For Your Guidance And Your Care
We Ask Great Blessings For Your Life
We Make This Our Daily Prayer

We Love And Appreciate You,

© Melinda Tanner





We know our Father sent you here
To lead us day by day,
We are so thankful to have you
As we go along our way.
No matter what things we'll need
We know you'll go that extra mile,
We are anxious to hear your soft spoken words
And to be greeted by your smile.
We thank God for sending you to us
For guidance and much care,
We'll be praying great blessings on your life
As we make this our daily prayer.
We thank you in advance, Pastor
For all that you will do,
Anything that you may need
Just know we'll be there for you!

Your New Church Family



You are such a wonderful Pastor
And we wanted you to know,
How much you mean to us
And how your love for God does show.

We truly do appreciate you
Being such an amazing man,
Always there to help out
Anytime that you can.

You demonstrate your love for God
More than anyone we know,
Your love for others shines brightly
Always having a special glow.

You talk the talk and walk the walk
In everything that you do,
For this Pastor, we wanted you to know
We love and appreciate you!

Thank you for being so wonderful!

Your Church Family




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