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This page is in dedication to
John Henry Luke
Born June 28, 1940
And Received His Angel Wings
January 18, 1985



Fishing Holes In Heaven
When I Got To Heaven
I Wanted You To Know
I Found A Fishing Hole My First Day Here
And It Has Set Me All Aglow
All The Things I Had On Earth
I Have Here In Heaven Too
Even That Worn Out Body I Had
I Now Have One Brand New
I Can't Help Myself But To Think Of You
Wishing You Were Here
But Please Don't Worry About Me
I Don't Want You To Shed A Tear
When The Time Comes That You Join
Me This Day I Do Await
I'll Have My Fishing Pole In Hand
And Be Waiting By Heavens Gates

In Loving Memory Of
John Henry Luke
Who Was Born June 28, 1940
And Received His Angel Wings
January 18, 1985
      I'd like to tell everyone a bit about my Daddy, John Henry Luke. He passed away from a sudden massive
heart attack at the young age of 44. Being young man and still an avid outdoorsman, he loved to fish. I guess,
apart from his love of the Lord, fishing and his family was his whole life! I was only 23 at the time of his death
and still enjoyed doing things with him ( yes, including fishing! ) I can remember being a little girl, sitting in the
boat with him and if you were only getting a nibble we couldn't leave because we may even catch one! Those
days though were very few because fishing with him would always bring in a boat load of fish! He could catch
anything that didn't catch him first! I can remember him telling me, the reason I wasn't getting a bite was because
I didn't hold my mouth right, or I wasn't singing to the fish like he did! I'd always heard that when you go fishing
not to make a sound or you'd scare the fish away, but not fishing with my Daddy. We could not make a sound
in the boat, but singing was allowed. I can remember him singing very softly the whole time he'd be fishing. Songs
such as traditional hymns like, He Touched Me, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Shall We Gather At The River,
The Old Rugged Cross, just to name a few!

After fishing, we always kept the fish, and always gave them away. We had a neighbor, Mrs. Fowler, who just LOVED
to see my Daddy coming home from an afternoon of fishing to then see him walking across the street with a string of
fish. She absolutely adored my Daddy, not for just the fish he'd catch but for him also. My entire life, I never knew him
to meet a stranger. He loved everyone and would talk to anyone he would see, even if he'd never met them. I don't think
you could walk downtown in Douglas, Georgia and not find anyone who didn't know my Daddy. He was one in a million
and I know everyone thought the world of him, but he was best known for his love for fishing, but only second to his "Love
For The Lord!" I used to wonder why would God take anyone like him away from his life on earth. He was loved by everyone
and was always sharing "Jesus" with everyone he met. So why? I was close to my Daddy, but after his death realized
I wasn't as close as I'd like to have been. There will always be many regrets that fill my heart and my mind. But in the same
sense I am very thankful for the many precious memories we made together. If you have lost someone you love, think back
and find all the precious memories you made with that person and remember all the good times! Make the best of life, you'll
be glad you did!

Written by Melinda Tanner

I Remember

I Remember The Feeling Of Emptiness
As I Sat There All Alone
Awaiting The Dreadful News
That Daddy Died And Now Is Gone

I Remember Crying Out To God
And Saying...." Please Take Me Instead"
At That Moment The Doctor Walked In
And Said, ' I'm Sorry, But Your Daddy's Dead"

I Felt As If I Had Been Tortured
With My Heart All Battered And Torn
I Realized How Bad I Was Hurting
And The Time Has Come To Mourn

Friends And Family Surrounded Me
But They Knew Not What I'd Been Dealt
I Was Upset, Bitter And Angry With God
They Had No Clue Of How I Felt

They All Tried To Console Me
And Said, " Honey It's Okay To Cry
There's Nothing Wrong , With Letting Tears
Flow Out Your Eyes

The Pain I Felt Was Unbearable
I Already Missed My Daddy So Much
If Only I Was Able To Give Him
Just One Last Simple Touch

I Remember As All The Family Gathered
But Still I Couldn't Cry
All I Did Was Scream To God
" Why Did My Daddy Have To Die? "

I Never Said Those Three Little Words
Or Tell Him How I Felt
I Remember How Sorry I Was
As I Sat There And Silently Wept

If Only He'd Known I Loved Him
And How Much He Meant To Me
Maybe I Wouldn't Be Feeling So Bad
If He'd Heard Those Words From Me

If I Could Turn Back Time
There's One Thing I Would Do
I Would Say Everyday,
To Friends And Family, " I Love You"

We Never Know What Tomorrow Holds
But There's One Thing I Want To Do
I Pray That You Can Hear Me Now
As I Say " Daddy, I Love You!"

Written by Melinda Tanner