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Inspirational Poetry (Page 2)

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Tears Shed At Calvary
Many Tears Were Shed At Calvary
There Where Jesus Died
He Was Nailed To The Cross
And His Hands And Feet Were Tied
He Was Mocked And Jeered At
The Enemy Spat Upon His Face
It Was There Where We Were Saved
By His Wondrous Grace
We Can't Imagine The Pain He Felt
As He Was Crucified
His Friends And Family Watched
As He Hung His Head And Died
At The Moment Of His Death
There Was Thunder And The Earth Shook
The Ones Who Were There Turned Up
To Jesus They Did Look
Noon Became Dark And Everyone Starred
At The Cross On The Hill
For Jesus Our Savior No More Pain
Would He Ever Feel
He Was Placed In A Toomb
And There His Body Laid
All The Ones Close To Him
Stood Outside And Prayed
On The Third Day He Rose From The Dead
And To The Heavens He Did Ascend
For Jesus He Was Dead No More
For His New Life Had Just Began
Jesus Was Crucified
He Did It For You And Me
On The Cross At Calvary Is Where
Jesus Set Us Free


© Melinda Tanner



Satan's Temptations
Satan Puts Temptations Before Us
And Wants Us To Give In
He Would Like For Us To Turn To Him
And His Rotten Life Of Sin
Satan Is Evil And Out To Get Us
In Every Way
He Even Whispers To Tell Us
That We Don't Have Time To Pray
He Appears To Us So Beautiful At Times
But We Know He Comes In Disguise
He Can Also Change His Appearance
Right Before Our Very Eyes
Satan Is The Master Of All Evil
Deception And Lies
For Christians Staying Away From Him
Would Be So Very Wise
Satans Days Are Numbered
Soon He'll Be Thrown Into The Fire
To See Satan Thrown Into Hell
Would Be My Hearts Desire


© Melinda Tanner





Jesus Is Coming Again
The Bible Teaches That Soon
Jesus Is Coming Again
Up From The Heavens
Is From Where He Will Descend
There's No One Here Upon This Earth
Who Will Ever Know The Time
Now's The Day To Prepare Yourself
Don't Be Caught Blind
The Bible Teaches That Jesus Will Come
In The Blink Of An Eye
There Will Be A Trumpet Sound
And All Christians Will Look To The Sky
Many People On This Earth
Are Getting Ready To Leave
You'll Be Left Behind If You Don't Know Jesus
This you should Believe
The Bible Tells Us To Be Ready
For The Time He Comes No One Knows
He's Coming To Get The Christians On Earth
All The Ones He Chose
At The Time Of His Coming
He Will Appear As A Thief In The Night
As He Comes We'll Look Up To Him
And Oh What A Beautiful Sight
When We Get To Heaven And Stand By His Side
There We'll Be Together
The Bible Tells Us When We Arrive
That We'll Be There Forever


© Melinda Tanner




In Your Time Of Need
In Your Time Of Need
You Knew That God Was There
He Wrapped His Arms Around You
And Showed You That He Cared
His Arms So Strong And Mighty
I Know You Felt His Presence
He Is So Warm And Loving
With All His Grace And Elegance
He's Also There To Fight Your Battles
He Tells You Don't Give In
You Know He's There Protecting You
For Those Battles You Will Win
When You're in Need You Know He's There
For He Has A Loving Heart
You Know He's Always been There
Right From The Very Start
His Arms Are There To Comfort
And To Help You Ease Your Pain
Had He Not Been There
The Peace You Felt
Would Not Have Been The Same


© Melinda Tanner






I Know You're There
I Have Many Burdens Lord
I Need You To Comfort Me
There Are Many Things In This World
That My Eyes Just Cannot See
I Am Dealing With A Lot Of Pain
And Have A Heavy Heart
Your Help Is Greatly Needed
But I Don't Know Where To Start
I Know You Have The Answers
I Only Have To Ask
I Must Remind Myself
You've Always Been Here In The Past
Anytime I Ever Needed You
You've Never Let Me Down
Sometimes I Wonder If You're There
Because You Never Make A Sound
Many Times When I Feel Alone
Not Knowing What To Do
I Know You're There Beside Me
And You're Helping Me To Get Through


© Melinda Tanner





Forget My Past
My Father Up In Heaven
There's Something I'd Like To Ask
I Need For You To Help Me
To Forget About My Past
I Know That I'm Not Perfect Lord
I'd Like To Change My Life
Those Many Years Ago
There Seemed To Be Much Strife
I Have Made So Many Past Mistakes
Things I'll Never Do Again
From The Time I Met You Father
There My New Life Began
I Know You Can Help Me
To Forget About My Past
I Only Have To Get On My Knees
To You And Humbly Ask


© Melinda Tanner




Feel The Touch
As I Feel The Touch
Of The Masters Hand
I Know That For My Life
He Has A Plan
My Life Was Planned
Many Years Ago
God Knew From A Child
At The Pace It Would Grow
Even The Hairs On My Head
Were Known In Advance
Everything About Me
Was Not By Fate Or Chance
God Already Knows Every
Word I Will Say
He Even Knows
As I'm About To Pray
The Knowledge He Has
Is Too Great For Me
For Everything About Me
He's Already Seen
As I See In My Life
That He Has A Plan
It Comes From The Touch
Of The Masters Hand


© Melinda Tanner





Be Still My Child
I Hear Gods Voice As He Spoke To Me
He Said Be Still My Child
I'll Answer The Prayer That You Asked Of Me
But It May Take A While
There Are Many Things You Have Asked Of Me
That I May Not Answer Right Away
But There's Comfort In Knowing I Hear You
Every Time You Kneel To Pray
Things Don't Happen The Way You'd Like
And I Hear You Asking Why ?
Just Remember My Child You Must Be Patient
As The Time Is Passing You By
You Should Know Your Prayer Will Be Answered
When I Feel The Time Is Right
It Could Be Now Or Later
Or In The Middle Of The Night
Next Time After You Have Prayed To Me
Remember Be Still My Child
I'll Answer Your Prayers When The Time Is Right
But It May Take A While


© Melinda Tanner




As I Bow My Head
I Come To You Everyday
And Bow My Head In Prayer
I Ask That You'll Forgive My Sins
And Show Me That You Care
I Ask That For My Life
That Your Will Become Mine
As I Bow My Head In Prayer
I'll Ask This Every time
I Ask That You Will Bless My Life
And Help My Mind To Learn
The Things Of God And How To Live
This My Heart Does Yearn
I Promise To Be Faithful
And Also To Be True
Everytime I Bow My Head
I Will Lovingly Think Of You


© Melinda Tanner





A Friend In Jesus
I Have A Friend In Jesus
For He Is Everything To Me
He's Always There To Help Me
With The Things I Cannot See
He Is There To Fight My Battles
He Tells Me Don't Give In
To Satan And His Army
And His Dirty Life Of Sin
He Is There When I Need Comfort
And He Helps To Ease My Pain
For With Jesus In My Life
I Have Everything To Gain
I Hold Him Dear And Close At Heart
Knowing He Is Near
For The Things I Don't Understand
He'll Make Them Very Clear
Jesus Is Always Busy
He Doesn't Ever Rest
He Will Always Come First In My Life
He's The Very Best


© Melinda Tanner




Give Me Faith
I Ask You Lord To Give Me Faith
And Put My Feet On Solid Ground
I Know That I'm A Christian
And I Am Heaven Bound
I Want To Put My Faith In You
For That I'll Need Some Help
Some Things I Cannot Do Alone
I'm No Good All By Myself
There Are Some Things That's Hard To Do
Unless I'm Sure Your There
I Ask You Lord To Give Me Faith
As I Ask You This In Prayer


© Melinda Tanner




Fishers Of Men
God Tells Us We Need To Witness
We're To Be Fishers Of Men
As Children Of God We Should Witness Often
Not Just Now And Then
There Are Many On This Earth
Who've Never Heard The Name Of Jesus
We Are To Set An Example For Them
And The Way That Other See Us
We're To Go Out And Tell Others
About Jesus Christ Our Lord
We Must Tell Them What He's Done For Us
Out Of Our mouths It Should Be Poured
We Should Never Worry
About The Things We Will Say
Just Humble Ourselves Before Them
And God Will Pave The Way
He Proves Himself So Many Times
But We Must Admit We Are Sinners
With Jesus On Our Side
We Will Always Come Out Winners


© Melinda Tanner





Face To Face
To Finally See Jesus Face To Face
What A Glorious Day It Will Be
When I See His Smiling Face
It Will Mean So Much To Me
To See Jesus At The Right Hand Of God
While Seated On His Throne
I'll Look Around And See A Home
That I Will Call My Own
The Things I See Are Beautiful Sights
And The Streets Are Made Of Gold
And When I Think Of You My Savior
It's The Greatest Story Ever Told
Those Pearly Gates Are An Awesome Sight
That I Have Not Yet Seen
And Soon I'll Get To Walk Through Those Gates
Because Jesus Is My Savior And King


© Melinda Tanner





Beyond The Clouds
I Know A Place Beyond The Clouds
That's Much To Far To See
It's A Place That God Has Made
And A Future Home For Me
It's Totally Surrounded By Awesome Beauty
And The Streets Are Made Of Gold
It's Hard For Me To Imagine
The Beauty In Which It Holds
I Know That God Has Made This Place
And Someday I'll Surely See
That Wonderful Place Beyond The Clouds
Which Is There For You And Me


© Melinda Tanner




As I Look Across The Ocean
As I Look Across The Ocean
I Know That God Is There
He's In Our Hearts And In Our Lives
For He Is Everywhere
As We Walk Along The Beach
Going To And Fro
I Know That God Is In Your Heart
For You Have That Special Glow
As We Sit Upon The Beach
And Watch The Sun Come Up
I Know That You Are There Lord
For You Have Filled My Cup
I Know That You Are There
With My Every Move
I Know That When Your With Me
I Could Never Lose
So Next Time As I Walk The Beach
Wondering If Your There
I Know For Certain That You Are
For You Are Everywhere


© Melinda Tanner





A Quiet Moment
I Have A Quiet Moment Now
To Be Alone With You
I Know That You've Been Waiting
This Day And Others Too
Quiet Moments Are Hard To Find
They Don't Come Often For Me
But You Already Know That
Everything I Do You See
There's Nothing I Can Hide From You
And Nor Do I Ever Want To
For Your Always There Beside Me
And Teaching Me To Be True
I Know You'll Never Leave Me
You'll Be Here Till The End
And Then I'll Be In Heaven With You
Where An Eternity I Will Spend


© Melinda Tanner





If Not For You
I Praise You Lord And Lift You Up
For You Are All To Me
If Not For You Then What I Am
I Would Never Be
I Give You All The Honor And Glory
For Everything I Do
And Every Word That Comes From Me
It's All Because Of You
You Give The Words For Me To Use
As I Witness Here For You
When I'm Not Sure Of What To Say
You're There To Help Me Through
I Praise You Lord And Lift You Up
For All You've Done For Me
If Not For You Then What I Am
I Would Never Be


© Melinda Tanner





What Is Heaven Like ?
There Is A Placed Called Heaven
That's Made For You And Me
Id Like To Paint A Picture
So You Can Plainly See
There's Pearly Gates Streets Of Gold
And Angels Everywhere
The Day We Get To Heaven
No More Burdens Will We Bear
There Is A Choir Of Angels
Smiling As They Sing
Glory Glory Hallelujah
To Jesus Christ Our King
As The Heavenly Choir Sings
Praises To His Name
When Jesus Looks Into My Eyes
I'll Want To Do The Same
As I Walk The Streets Of Gold
The People That I See
Are All The Ones I Had On Earth
Who Were So Dear To Me
As I Go Into My House
That Jesus Built For Me
I Look Around And Now Can Say
It All Makes Sense To Me
As I Look Into Gods Eyes
While Seated On The Throne
This Is Why He Sent His Son
To Build For Me A Home
When I Get To Heaven
I Will Not Know The Time
I Hope God Puts Your Mansion
Right Next Door To Mine


© Melinda Tanner





I'll See You When You Get Home
When I Got To Heaven
It Was A Beautiful Day
I Saw All My Friends And Family
Who Had Already Passed Away
They went On To be With Jesus
To Their Heavenly Home
I Saw Them Right Beside Him
As He Sat Upon His Throne
I Am Seeing Them Now
In The Angels Choir As They Sing
They're Singing Glorious Praises
To Jesus Christ Our King
They're Dressed In Flowing Robes
And Crowns Upon Their Heads
The Instant They Got To Heaven
They Were No Longer Dead
If Given The Chance To Tell You
One last Thing Before I'd Gone
I'm Sure It Would Have Been
I'll See You When You Get Home


© Melinda Tanner




Wipe My Tears
I Ask You God To Wipe My Tears
And Make Them Go Away
I don't Want To Cry Anymore
I've Cried Enough Today
Each Tear That Drops Feels Like Rain
As It's Falling To The Ground
As They Drop I Listen
And They Do Not Make A Sound
I Ask You God To Wipe My Tears
With Your Loving Hands
For You're My Solid Rock
And On Your Ground I'll Firmly Stand
There Is This Thing That's On My Heart
And This Is What I Pray
I Ask That You Will Wipe My Tears
As You Did Yesterday


© Melinda Tanner





I See Your Pain
As I See The Pain You're In
Not Knowing What To Do
I'll Get On My Knees And Ask The Lord
If He Will Comfort You
There's Nothing That's Too Big For Him
He Brings With Him Much Love
His Love Is The Reason He Died For Us
And Why He Shed His Blood
I Asked That He Would Comfort You
As You're About To Cry
And That He'll Take His Loving Hand
To Wipe The Tear That's In Your Eye
Never Again Shall You Feel Alone
For You Know The Lord Does Care
All The Pain You're Going Through
With Him You Can Always Share


© Melinda Tanner





A Little While
As God Looked Down From Heaven
And Gave Me A Great Big Smile
He Said I've Sent You Down To Earth
For Just A little While
He Said My Days On Earth Were Numbered
And Knows Everything I'll Do
But Compared To Heaven My Days On Earth
Seems Like So Very Few
God Had His Reasons When He Sent Me Here
And Knows Every Path I'll Take
He's There Every Morning When I Get Up
And Knows The Last Day I Will Wake
Next Time As He's Looking Down
And Gives Me Another Smile
I'll Know That He Has Sent Me Here
For Just A Little While


© Melinda Tanner





My Darkest Hour
While Going Through My Darkest Hour
Not Knowing Where To Turn
I Know God's Looking Down On Me
For His Light Will Brightly Burn
Gods Light Always Shines On Me
Even Through The Darkest Sky
It Always Seems To Shine So Bright
And I Often Wonder Why
God Told Me I Was A Child Of His
To Protect In Darkened Days
If I Would Only Trust And Acknowledge
Him In All His Ways
In My Darkest Hour
He Will Make My Path Go Straight
For He Will Hold My Hand And Guide Me
As I Go Through Heavens Gates


© Melinda Tanner




On My Knees
I Will Say A Prayer For You
Every Time I'm On My Knees
I Will Ask The Lord
If He Will Be Your Eyes
When You Can't See
He Will Make You Feel Better
On Days That You Are Down
I Will Ask That He Will Make
You Smile Instead Of Frown
Just Know That I Am Here For You
Each And Every Day
And Every Time I'm On My Knees
For You I'll Always Pray


© Melinda Tanner





Lord Help Me Through
When Things Are Going Wrong
And I Don't Know What To Do
I Fall Down On My Knees
And Cry Lord Please Help Me Through
You Are Here With My Every Move
Even When I'm Feeling Down
You Use Your Loving Hands
To Make Me Smile Instead Of Frown
My Life Seems So Empty Right Now
But I Know That You Are Here
I Can Feel Your Loving Touch
As You Wipe Away My Tears
I Thank You Lord For Being Here
And Giving Me Your Peace
I Know The Love You've Given Me
That It Will Never Cease


© Melinda Tanner





Christmas Morn
There Laid A Tiny Babe
All Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes
He Was Born To Mary And Joseph
For They're The Parents God Chose
Down In A Lowly Manger
Is Where The Tiny Babe Was Born
He Arrived On A Beautiful Day
We Now Call It Christmas Morn
When The Wise Men Heard
Of This Special Babes Birth
They Followed The Eastern Star
As They Traveled Across The Earth
As The Wise Men Arrived
To See Jesus Christ The King
They Gave Him Treasured Gifts
Several They Did Bring
It Was Such A Special Birth
And For Everything There's A Reason
This Is Why We Need To Remember
The Reason For The Season


© Melinda Tanner




Beneath The Angels Wings
As I Lay Here In This Lonely Box
I Could Hear Their Voices Say
She Looks So Nice And Peaceful
And So Still Her Body Lays
I Could Hear Them As They Wept For Me
And On My Face Their Tears Did Fall
If Only I Could Turn Back Now
I'd Love To Wipe Away Them All
I Could Feel Their Gentle Touch
As They Held My Hand Just One Last Time
But I Knew There Was No Turning Back
Out Of This Box I Could Not Climb
Then I Saw A Vision Of Light
And Could See Him Standing There
It Was The Face Of Jesus
And He Said I Heard Your Prayer
I Was Kneeling There Beside You
As You Opened Up Your Heart
This Is When I Promised
That From You I'll Never Part
How I Wished That I Could Go Back
To Tell My Loved Ones One Last Thing
That I Have Gone To Heaven
Where I'll Live Beneath The Angels Wings


© Melinda Tanner




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