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Friendship Poetry

Have you ever wondered how friendships start, or what makes a friend a friend? Do they  keep you laughing,
or give you  a shoulder to cry on, are they there for you when the world lets you down? We are dedicating
this section to Friendships. Everyone needs a friend. If you have such a friend, then hopefully you can relate our poetry!

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Friends Name
Your Friendship Means The World To Me
More Than Words Can Ever Say
As We Continue To Grow Closer Together
More With Each Passing Day
Your Friendship Being Like A Flower
Petals Glistening In The Morning Dew
Your Friendship Started A New Beginning For Me
And A Way Of Life Brand New
Your Friendship Is Like A Treasure Chest
Filled With Gems And Purest Gold
I Am Thankful That I Now Have You
And Together We'll Grow Old

Thanks For Your Friendship!
Your Name


© Melinda Tanner



Just A Short Distance Away
I Wanted You To Know
I'm Just A Short Distance Away
Never One To Judge You
Or One To Lead You Astray
I Am Here To Pick You Up
Anytime That You May Fall
I Am Here To Lend An Ear
And Will Listen To It All
Anytime You Feel Discouraged
And Feel As You've Been Betrayed
Know That I Am Here For You
 Just A Short Distance Away

Always Here For You,


© Melinda Tanner





Circle Of Friends
At Some Point In Our Lives We Find
Special People That We Can Call Our Friends
They Will Be There To Guide Us In Hard Times
And Will Help Our Hearts To Mend
Our Circle Of Friends Are There When Needed
And They Will Help Us Dry Our Tears
And Also When We Get Frightened
They Will Calm Us From All Our Fears
It's Comforting To Know We Belong
And On Each Other We Can Depend
We Will Be There For One Another
In Our Special Circle Of Friends


© Melinda Tanner



I Asked God To Bless You
I Got Down On My Knees
And Said A Prayer For You Today
I Asked For God To Bless You
And Next To You He'd Stay
I Asked That When You Needed Him
That By Your Side He'd Stand
And When Your Feeling Lonely
That He Would Hold Your Hand
I Asked That God Will Stand By You
And Give You So Much Peace
And The Love That Is Felt In You
That It Will Never Cease
I Asked That You Will Always
Feel His Loving Touch
For He Is Your Savior
And He Loves You Very Much
I Know That You're A Child Of God
For I Have Watched You Grow
It Shows When I See Your Face
It Has That Special Glow
So As I'm On My Knees
And Saying a Prayer For You
I'm Asking God To Bless And Keep You
All Of Your Days Through


© Melinda Tanner



Thank You For My Friend
I Want To Thank You Lord
For The Friend You Sent To Me
You Placed Us Two Together
And Knew We Were Meant To Be
I Have Someone To Catch My Tears
As I Begin To Cry
I Know You Played A Part In This
There's No Need To Ask You Why
You Sent Her At A Time For Me
When I Was Needing A Friend
Only You Knew What I Needed
And Everyplace I'd Been
I Know She Is A Gift From You
Created With All Your Love
She Slipped Into My Life
As Quietly As A Dove
I Want To Thank You Again Lord
For The Friend You Sent To Me
I Pray I'll Always Be There
Anytime She's Needing Me


© Melinda Tanner



The Gift Of Friendship
There Is A Gift Of Friendship
That God Has Give To Me
He Put You Here To Help Me
With The Things I Cannot See
A Friend Is Someone Special
Who's Always There For You
In Good Times And In Bad
A Friend Will See You Through
God's The One Who Gives Us Friends
This Is A Special Gift
Our Friends Are Always There
When We Need That Extra Lift
There Are Certain Things
That Only True Friends Can Share
And Also When I Need You
I Know That You'll Be There
You Know You've Got A Friend
For You Have A Friend In Me
I'll Always Be There To Help You
With The Things You Cannot See


© Melinda Tanner



Sisters And Friends Forever
Sometimes God Does Things In Our Lives
We Cannot Understand
He Put You And Me Together As Friends
For This Was A Part Of His Plan
At First I Thought Could This Friend
Be Just Another Fake ?
It Was At That Moment I Realized
God Makes No Mistakes
This Friendship I Know For Sure
Was Made From The Heavens Above
That's How I'm Sure That It
Will Be Filled With Lots Of Love
The Talks We've Had And The Things We've Shared
Have Meant So Much For Me
God Chose To Make Us Sisters And Friends
That's Why We're Meant To Be
I Can Put No Value On A Friendship
Like The One We Share
For Every Time We're Together
We Know That God Is There


© Melinda Tanner


My Dearest Friend
I Thank The Lord Everyday
For Sending My Dearest Friend
You Are There Through The Darkened Days
And Will Be Till The End
You My Friend Have Dried My Tears
And Helped My Heart To Mend
I Want To Thank You Again
For Being My Dearest Friend
In Times Of My Despair
You've Helped Me To Pull Through
And When I'm Feeling Better
It Is All Because Of You
There Are Times That I Will Fall
And I Know That You Will Too
We'll Be There For Each Other
And Both Of Us Will Get Through
You Have Helped Me Many Times
And I Know You Will Again
I Just Wanted To Say Thank You
For Being My Dearest Friend


© Melinda Tanner



Friends And Sisters Forever
Just Knowing I Have A Friend Like You
When I Have Things To Share
Makes My Troubles And My Burdens
So Much Easier To Bear
So Whenever I'm In Doubt
I Turn To God For He Knows
That You And I My Sister
Are The Friends That He Has Chose
God Prompts My Heart Everyday
To Say A Prayer For You
I Hope This Prayer Will Always
Help You To Get Through
So As Our Friendship Grows
As The Flowers Do In Spring
I Remember That I Used To Think
A Friend Like You Was Just A Dream
So Put Your Trust In God
For He Put You And I Together
I Know That's Why He Made Us
Sisters And Friends Forever


© Melinda Tanner



Friendship Prayer
I Got Down On My Knees Today
And Said A Prayer For You
For You Are Always In My Heart
And I Often Think Of You
I Asked The Lord To Send His Angels
To Protect My Dearest Friend
I Pray That All The Joy And Happiness
You Have Will Never End
I Asked The Lord To Comfort You
On Days You're Feeling Blue
And When You Have A Tear
He'll Wipe Away That Too
I Asked The Lord To Bless Our Friendship
So Our Ways Will Never Part
For True Friends Always Stick Together
We'll Remain In Each Others Hearts


© Melinda Tanner


Best Friends Forever
God Sent Me You At A Time In My Life
When He Knew I Needed A Friend
Only He Knew Who Was Best For Me
And Knew Everyplace I Had Been
Only God Could Give Such A Precious Thing
As The Gift Of A Friend Like You
I Pray Everyday As Our Friendship Grows
That You'll Let Me Be There For You
I'll Ask The Lord To Comfort You
On Days You're Feeling Blue
And When Those Tears Are In Your Eyes
He'll Wipe Away Those Too
I'm Sure That It Was The Hand Of God
Who Placed Us Two Together
I'll Pray To Him Everyday 
 That We Remain Best Friends Forever


© Melinda Tanner




  My Friend
I Am Writing These Few Words To You
To Show You How I Feel
I'm Here To Let You Know My Friend
My Love For You Is Real
You Hold A Special Place In Me
That's Deep Inside My Heart
For Nothing Will Ever Come Between Us
And Our Friendship Will Never Part
Anytime You Need Me
You Know That I'll Be There
I Just Wanted To Let You Know My Friend
For You I'll Always Care


© Melinda Tanner



A Friend Like You
One Of The Greatest Things That God Could Give
Is The Gift Of A Friend Like You
You Are the Sister I Never Had
And A Friend That Is True Blue
God Put Us Together To Become True Friends
And Sisters From The Heart
And Everytime I Pray To Him
I Ask That We'll Never Part
Friends Like You Are Hard To Find
They're Rare And Very Few
God Knew Just What I Needed
When He Sent Me A Friend Like You


© Melinda Tanner


What Is A Friend ?
A Friend Is Someone Who Loves Us
No Matter What We Do Or Say
A Friend Is There To Help And Guide You
As You Go Along Your Way
A Friend Will Lend Their Shoulder
When We've Tears That We Must Shed
A Friend Will Give You Comfort
And Not One Word Is Left Unsaid
A Friend Is One Who Walks Into Your Life
As Someone Has Just Walked Out
A Friend Is One Who Prays For You
Without Reason Or With Doubt


© Melinda Tanner



Happy Birthday
You Are Such A Special Friend
And I Wanted You To Know
Just What Your Friendship Means To Me
And How Your Love Does Show
You Hold A Special Place With Me
Deep Inside My Heart
For That My Friend I Want You To Know
Our Friendship Will Never Part
I Want To Wish You A Happy Birthday
On This Most Special Day
I Ask That God Will Bless And Keep You
For This I'll Always Pray


© Melinda Tanner



Although I Wasn't Able To Be There
As Much As I Wanted To Be
I Still Wanted You To Know
That For You To Pull Through Was My Plea
You Were Constantly On My Mind
As I Prayed For You With Every Breath
I Wasn't About To Let You Go
For Me There Was No Such Thing As Death
I Hope That You Could Feel My Presence
For You Were Constantly In My Heart
For That My Dear Friend
I Know We Shall Never Part
I'm So Happy That Your Feeling Better
As Our Friendship Will Now Continue On
I Can't Imagine My Life Without You In It
If Something Had Happened And You Were Gone

Thinking Of You,


© Melinda Tanner



Our Friendship Song
There Is A Song Of Friendship
That Dwells Deep Within My Heart
I Know God Had His Hand On Us
As He Planned This From The Start
You've No Idea What You Mean To Me
You're My One And Only True Friend
You Understand My Ups And Downs
And Have Helped My Heart To Mend
You're The Only Friend I Have
With Who I Can Share My Hurts And Pains
I Hope You Know If You Ever Need Me
That I Will Listen Just The Same
God Knew Just What I Needed
To Brighten Up My Days
Our Hearts Now Bound Together
Through Serious Work Or When At Play
God Put Us Together To Become True Friends
And Sisters From The Heart
He Heard My Plea As I Was Needing You
For This Reason We'll Never Part
I Want You To Look Inside Your Heart
And Understand You're Never Alone
I'm So Thankful Now That I Found You
As We Now Have Our Friendship Song

Thanks For Your Friendship,


© Melinda Tanner




Deep In My Heart
I Could Feel The Many Tears
As They Rolled Down My Face
With This Deep Feeling Of Emptyness
As If I Had Just Lost The Race
With Bitter Feelings Of Uncertainty
Not Knowing What Tomorrow Brings
It Was Then I Heard Your Voice
This Was Such An Amazing Thing
You Gave Me Words Of Encouragement
Which WasWhat I Needed To Hear
Your Soft Spoken Words
Are What Dried My Many Tears
I Knew Then That I'm Not Alone
Although Were Many Miles Apart
If I Ever Have A Doubt
I'll Look Deep Inside My Heart


© Melinda Tanner


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