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My First Love
Having A Daughter Like You
Is What Makes My Life So Bright
For You Are My First Love
And That Brings My Heart Delight
You Taught Me All About
The True Meaning Of Real Love
Which I Know For Sure
Came From The Lord Up Above
I am So Very Proud Of You
Quite A Young Lady You Have Become
I've Watched You Grow Throughout The Years
And There's Nothing You Can't Overcome
There's A Special Bond That You And I Share
And It's Deep Within Our Hearts
The First Time I held You In My Arms
That's When It Got Its Start

© Melinda Tanner



Bless My Child
I Ask You Lord To Bless My Child
And Show Her Godly Ways
Please Grant Me This And Be With Her
All Throughout Her Days
She Needs Your Guiding Hand Lord
And Your Loving Touch
I Trust You'll Always Be There Lord
For You Love Her Very Much
As My Child Grew Up
And Turned Into A Woman
I Know That You Are With Her
And You Let Her Hold Your Hand
You Guided Her From Day To Day
And Showed Her Right From Wrong
As I Watched Her Grow Into A Woman
Her Faith Grew Very Strong
When The Time Comes She Parts From Me
To Her Heavenly home
I Know That's Where She Should Be
For She'll Be Back Where She Belongs

© Melinda Tanner



A Tender Loving Heart
As The Baby Girl Lies Quietly
Sleeping In Her Bed
Her Mother Sits Beside Her
And Gently Strokes Her Head
A Loving Mother Will Always Be There
For Everything She Needs
She Will Be There To Watch Her Grow
And Help Her To Succeed
Mothers Are Very Special
She'll Wipe Away Her Tears
Her Mother Will Always Comfort Her
Throughout Her Childhood Years
God Put Into Mothers
To Have A Tender Loving Heart
And Every Mother Knows
God Planned This From The Start
For God Put Into Mothers
And Little Girls Too
To Have A Tender Loving Heart
And To See Her Children Through

© Melinda Tanner



We Have Searched In Our Hearts
For What We Wanted To Say
But They Would Fill A Whole Book
And You'd Be Reading All Day
You Started Out So Young
With All Your Challenging Ways
As We Now Reminisce
At How Those Were The Days
You could Be So Stubborn
As We Remember So Well
You Even Fought With Your Brother
When He Had A Problem
Guess Who He'd Tell
We Want You To Know
When You Thought We Didn't Care
That We Always Loved You
And We Will Always Be There
Now It's Time That You Are Leaving
It's So Hard To Let You Go
It's Tearing Me Apart
I Just Wanted You To Know
Without You In My Life
I Don't Know Where I Would Be
But You Hold A Place In My Heart
And Only You Hold The Key
We Are Proud Of Your Accomplishments
We Hope All Your Dreams Come True
We Want You Always To Remember
How Much We Love And Admire You

Love, Mom

© Melinda Tanner



Your Caring Heart
When God Created The Animals
We're Sure He Had You In Mind
Just How Else Could It Be
Coming From A Girls Heart So Kind
The Love For Your Pets Are Unconditional
No Matter What We Do Or Say
You Have A Kind And Caring Way With Them
Even For The Ones Who Are Stray
You Give Them So Much Attention
And Also A Reason To Live
For We Can See It In Your Ways
At How Much Of Your Love You Give
We Pray Your Dream Of Being A Vet
Will Someday Soon Come True
Because God Gave You A Caring Heart
And For This Dear Daughter We Love You

© Melinda Tanner



My Precious Daughter
You Are My Precious Daughter
You Now Keep Me Inside Your Heart
The Closeness  Of A Mother And Child
Nothing Could Never Part
As You Anticipate The Arrival
Of This Precious Little Child
Just Know That I'll Be With You
At The Moment Of That First Smile
When Those First Few Steps Are Taken
You Will See My Smiling Face
We Will Shout For Joy Together
And I'll Give You My Embrace
You Will See The Joys Of Motherhood
And The Happiness That It Brings
There Is No Love Like A Mothers
It Is Such A Precious Thing
When You Deliver Your Bundle Of Joy
Just Know That I'll Be There
And Every Moment With This Child
You And I Will Always Share

© Melinda Tanner



My First Haircut
This Is My First Haircut
And I Wanted Everyone To See
This Little Lock Of My Hair
They Just Took Away From Me
A Few Snips Here A Few Snips There
Trimming Up All My Curls
My Mommy Said I'm Way Too Cute
Looking Like A Grown Up Girl
I Put This Lock Of Hair From Me
For Everyone To See
I've Lost My Little Baby Look
And Now Look Like Brand New Me