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Brother Poems
Do you have a Brother and would like to let him know just how
much he means to you but don't know what to say ?
Our Brother poetry is here to do that for you. Show your Brother
just how much he means to you. If you don't find the poem you are
looking for, let us know at Personal Touch and we'll create those special
words for you!
If you don't find the poem you're looking for, send us your thoughts and feelings
and we'll write a custom poem for you!  



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I Wanted You To Know
What A Special Brother You Are To Me
You've Been Loving And Understanding
Just Like A Brother And Sister
Were Meant To Be
You've Been Like My Guardian Angel
Always Having You In My Life
You've Been There To Encourage Me
And Helped Make My Life Shine Bright
I Thank You For Being So Wonderful
And Being My Bright Shining Star
I'm Glad You Are My Brother
And The Wonderful Person That You Are

Together Always,

© Melinda Tanner

  What Is A Brother
A Brother Is Someone We Turn To
When We Have Things To Share
And Also Someone To Lean On
To Make Our Burdens Easier To Bear
A Brother Is Someone We Cherish
And Count On For Everything
He Is Always There for You
So Much Happiness He Will Bring
A Brother Is Always There
When Our Tears Are About To Fall 
He Will Use Her Loving Hands
And Wipe Away Them All
A Brother Is A Gift From God
He Placed You And I Together
For This My Brother I Want You To Know
You'll Be In My Heart Forever

© Melinda Tanner


Now That It?s Your Birthday
There?s Something I?d Like To Say
While Reflecting On The Memories
You And I Made Along The Way
I Can Remember Growing Up
You Were Always My Best Friend
Always Willing To Listen To Me
Your Ear Many Times You?d Lend
You Were There When I Was Excited
And Were There For Disappointments Too
There Is Not Enough Money In This World
To Repay A Brother Kind As You
I Look Forward To Being With You In Heaven
Where An Eternity We Will Spend
Always Together In God?s Kingdom
With You My Brother......My Very Best Friend
Happy Birthday NAME

Melinda Tanner



My Brother
I just wanted you to know
What a special Brother you are to me,
Always loving and supportive
Just as a Brother is meant to be.

I appreciate you more
Than you will ever know,
The love in your heart
For me has always shown.

My very first doll
I got was because of you,
You have always been there for me
And been a Brother who is true.

I am proud of your accomplishments
As you've succeeded in all you've done,
I am proud to call you Brother
To Tom and me you've been number one.

I'm sure Tom is waiting in heaven
To be with us once again,
Where we will be together
And an eternity we will spend.

Happy Birthday With Love,
Your sister Mozell

©Melinda Tanner




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Melinda's Personalized Poetry & Gifts   
410 Touchton Drive
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