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Hello, My name is Melinda Tanner, the poet and owner of Melinda's
Personalized Poetry". I wanted to take this time for you to get to know me.
I am happily married 37 years to a wonderful man  and we have three children,
Jonathan ,30  Michelle 26, and Jason 21.
We live in the deep south in the small southeast Georgia town of Douglas.
I was born and raised here in, and honestly can't say there is any better
place I'd rather be.

It is so touching to write a poem then to realize how much it affected someone's
life and what it means to them. I've been told too many times to count, that what
they read was just perfect at the time of some unfortunate event in their life and
it helped to heal a broken heart or gave them some kind of comfort in their time
of need. It truly amazes me at how it brings joy or comfort to someone who is
hundreds of miles away.

Writing has brought my life to a whole new level that I never dreamed possible.
I encourage eveyone to come join me at "Melinda's Personalized Poetry" and lets all get
together and reach people, spreading joy and comfort to hurting hearts and
put a smile back on their face.

I thank God for giving me the words to use in his glory in my poetry. I know that
without him I would be nothing. I also thank those who support me and pray God's
blessings on you always!

If you have not already, do join our mailing list where we reach out across the
miles bringing you stories, prayer requests, birthdays, anniversaries and
new poetry. Give the gift that truly keeps on giving!



My Personal Testimony

     I was born to a christian couple and was the only child. We did attend church, but at times
only sporadically. Growing up I was a quiet and introverted child.

At the age of sixteen, I met my future husband. We romanced, dated and eventually married
when I was twenty.

   For years, I had felt God tugging at my heart but kept pushing him aside. The pastor at the church
where my husband and I attended came for a visit one day, and he left after sharing the plan of salvation
with me. At that time I had given my life to the Lord, and so began my walk with him which did not
grow swiftly.

   My husband and I continued in wedded bliss for two and a half years until the unexpected death of my
Father. Storm! Then God brings the light, his glorious light after the storm.  Jonathan was born, and a new
life began, then following him, Michelle was born. After Michelles birth, my car accident brought on another storm!

My family and I had not been attending church at this point in our lives, then came God's purest and greatest light!
My daughter's attendance at preschool led my family and me to our present church. It is here, under wise bible
instruction that my family and I have grown to supernatural heights. It is now at this time the Lord blessed us with
our third bundle of joy, Jason!

   Throughout these years, there have been many storms followed by Gods pure light!
I woke up one night with the unquenchable urge to write poetry for the glory of God, and in so doing spreading
God's word. Up to this present time, God has been taking me on paths I never dreamed possible. The scripture
verse, the Lord uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, truly does apply to me. He took this quiet
and simple lady and now is using his words through me to feed the sheep in his church.

    I praise God for the storms in my life that also causes flowers to bloom by the glory of Gods
pure light, and so; He walks with me!

   I want to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ for pouring his words into me, so they can be shared with others.
I also want to thank my husband Wayne, my children, and my mother for their support and confidence while sharing Gods word.
Lastly I want to thank my dearest friends for showing me the meaning of true friendship, and for the encouragement they have
given me. I thank each and every one of you for your continuing love and support as I procede to share Gods word through poetry. I pray that Gods purest light will always shine on those of you who are dear to me


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Thank for you support.~Melinda

Melinda's Personalized Poetry
Douglas, GA 31533